Cracking Up

Fall always makes me ponder my life and the direction it’s going. I associate Fall weather with the start of school, and the potential beginnings that come from that. Since I’ve been out of school for about <ahem, cough cough> years, you’d think that feeling would be gone by now, but it’s not. I always question what I’m doing with my life and whether I should take a big leap in another direction when the leaves start changing color and the candy corn goes on sale.

So, on Monday morning, as I was begrudgingly walking through the parking garage to work, I said out loud to the heavens, “What should I do next?  Show me a sign!”…and my phone immediately fell out of my hand, hit the cement, and cracked.


The heavens want me to:

-BREAK through the barriers that are holding me back!

-SHATTER all misconceptions I have about the world and what I’m supposed to be doing!

-CRACK through the shell that’s keeping me from living my best life!

-FRAGMENT the thoughts that are holding me back!

-FRACTURE the notion that I can’t succeed!

-SPLINTER thoughts of impossibility!

-DESTROY all limitations in my life!

-BUST through negativity!

-SNAP out of it!

Those are all the positive interpretations. The negative (and, probably correct) interpretation is:


I’m going to go with the positive. I enjoy Fall football and candy corn too much.

On to SPIDERWEB-CRACKING through the hard, expensive glass that is LIFE!

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