Kelly grew up in a small Southern town where sayings like “the devil’s beatin’ his wife” weren’t problematic at all. After graduating from Florida State with a BA in Theater, she moved to LA for acting, but after signing her first insanely high rent check, and getting yelled at by an angry customer at Pottery Barn, she realized she needed to get a “real” job.

She worked PR at Comedy Central during the day, and took Groundlings and UCB classes at night, studying improv and sketch. She finally got tired of publicizing how funny other people were, and decided to leap fully into the creative side. She became a writer/performer on multiple sketch teams, including iO West’s first House Sketch team, attained SAG status, and became a Tour Guide at Universal Studios. She earned TV & Feature Film Writing Certificates from UCLA Extension, and an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University.

Kelly considers herself a “jack of all writing,” and loves writing all genres except Horror – Horror’s how the devil gets ya! Her Ancient Egyptian Comedy Adventure “Pyramid Scheme” won The Writers Lab 2022, funded by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman. The script also placed 3rd in UCLA Extension’s Screenwriting Competition and won a bunch of other stuff – check out her other scripts & wins on her Good News page, or on her Coverfly.

A comedic short she wrote and produced, “The Bachelorette Party,” won “Best Ensemble” at the Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, won 1st Place/Audience Choice at the Universal Studios Film Festival, and was featured on Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaha site. Check out her Shorts & Web Series page to watch it and others.

Through her MFA studies, she’s learned she can’t pick a favorite to write – fiction, nonfiction, screenplay, TV. She’s currently adapting her family-friendly (and Screencraft quarterfinalist) screenplay “Max & The Underdogs” into a Middle Grade Book, but she’d also love to turn her European travels into a nonfiction book. Or a movie. Or a TV show. Wanna pay her to do so? Let her know! Enough of this “semifinals” bullsh*t!



Twitter: @KellCamps

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