About Kelly

Kelly studied TV & Feature Film Writing at UCLA Extension; improv & sketch comedy at Groundlings, UCB, and iO West; and Theater at Florida State, where a semester abroad in Paris sparked a love of travel.

Her comedy screenplay “Pyramid Scheme” placed in last year’s UCLA Extension Screenwriting Competition, and also advanced at Austin Film Festival and Scriptapalooza. Her biopic on Michelangelo made Top Ten in this year’s UCLA Competition. Her comedy pilot “HR” she developed for A Dreamer’s Production made The Script Lab’s 2020 Screenplay Competition semi-finals, and her “Modern Family” spec made her a semi-finalist for NBC’s Writers on the Verge.

A comedic short she wrote and produced, “The Bachelorette Party”, won “Best Ensemble” at the 2018 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, where it was also nominated for “Best Micro Short Comedy”; it won 1st Place/Audience Choice at the Universal Studios Film Festival, was selected to screen at UCLAxFilmFest, and was featured on WhoHaha’s site ( <– click to watch!).

She is the co-creator/writer/producer of the Web Series “Spellagram”, which you can watch here. She also really likes this sketch about Trader Joe’s she wrote.

She’d love to turn this blog into a book or a movie. Wanna pay her to do so? Let her know! Enough of this “semi-finals” bullshit!

Other interests: Ina Garten, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, and that awesome bald guy from “Barry.”

FUN FACT: She’s in the middle of getting her MFA and writing a new screenplay, so any blog posted is, in fact, a procrastination tactic.

Twitter: @KellCamps

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