Let Me Pour That Coffee!

Pilot Season is upon us, and this is the first time I’ll be experiencing it with a Theatrical Agent. I am fully aware I won’t be landing a lead role on a primetime show anytime soon, BUT, there are other acting possibilities for me. In an effort to increase my odds, below is an open letter for decision-makers out there to consider: Dear Writer/Show-Runner/Executive/Casting Director: … Continue reading Let Me Pour That Coffee!

How I Deal With Rejection

Being in any creative field comes with rejection. To deal with it, some people drink; others go to therapy. I’m pretty sure I deal with it best. Some examples: The hundreds of projects my headshot is submitted to that I don’t even get an audition for: Hundreds of casting directors look at my headshot. “Oh my God,” they collectively think. “This girl is simply too … Continue reading How I Deal With Rejection